Outback Exploratorium

We acknowledge Australia’s First Nation people as the traditional custodians and first scientists, makers and innovators of this land and their continuing connection to country. 

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation and Refund Policy

OXp reserves the right to amend any class, schedule or tutor. If this situation arises our team will endeavour to provide a substitute class, schedule or tutor. Should a course or workshop, arty party be cancelled due to insufficient enrolments, any student enrolled in that class will be contacted and an alternative class at a suitable time for both parties will be arranged.

Please choose carefully as fees are non-refundable, purchased classes or gift vouchers can be changed to a date that is agreed upon between OXp and the purchaser. Full payment must be made prior to the commencement of the course. OXp cannot accept responsibility for changes to students’ personal circumstances that prevent attendance. Classes missed are the student’s responsibility and are non-refundable.

Cancellation of enrolment

If you choose to withdraw from a course or workshop you may transfer the remaining value to another person, to be used within 12 months of the date payment was received. Refunds are not provided.

Payment of fees

Class fees are listed with the course details on our website. Payment of the full class fee via online credit card payment is required at the time of enrolment to secure your place. We accept Visa and Master Card. If you do not wish to enrol via the web, you can enrol in person at Outback Exploratorium 2/10 Ruby Street, EMERALD Qld 4720. Tax receipts will be provided on receipt of payment if required.

Gift vouchers

‘Purchased’ gift certificates are valid 24 months from the date of purchase or until the date listed on the certificate. Our Cancellation and Refund policy applies to ‘Purchased’ gift vouchers used to pay for classes.


All items required to participate in the class / workshop / lesson will be supplied unless stated otherwise.

Course recognition

OXp is not a Registered Training Organisation and as such, courses are not accredited, our team do however strive to deliver excellence in all delivered material.

OXp marketing

Photos or videos are often snapped during class of students and artworks. This material is used for OXp promotional purposes such as press advertising, brochures, social media, editorials and website. These photos will never be sold and will be used exclusively by and for OXp. As a Condition of Adult Enrolment, your consent is implied. Should you not wish for us to take and use photos of you or your artwork please notify us in writing.

Student conduct

OXp is a community/shared space and we expect students to respect all participants, their work and property. Discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age, race sex, gender, sexuality, marital status, physical or intellectual disability, or religion will not be tolerated. Any inappropriate or disruptive behaviour may result in removal from the class. In this instance a refund will not be provided. It should also be noted that cleaning of your class art space and common areas is a shared responsibility.


Out of respect for other students and tutors, students are requested to be punctual for class, please arrive 5 minutes early to set up your working space and pack up 5 minutes before the end of the lesson. If you plan to arrive late or leave after the course or workshop has commenced, please provide a curtesy call or text to OXp.


Contact information you supply to OXp will not be disclosed outside the organisation without your express consent, except where required by law. We do not retain any credit card information that you may provide.

OXp Student Policy
Expectations of students

Students are responsible to have their working area clean and tidy. All tools are to be cleaned and returned to their respective areas by the end of class. Students must notify OXp of changes to personal details. Students must wear or bring appropriate attire suitable for painting classes. Painting aprons are available.

Students are not to hinder other student’s ability to listen and learn during classes. Any student who disrupts classes or are abusive, threatening or violent will be asked to leave and may result in removal from the course. In this instance refund of any course, fees will be forfeited. Mobile phones are to be turned silent during all classes. Please restrict calls to breaks. Any call that must be taken to students is requested to leave the workspace area.

It is the student’s responsibility to collect their own artwork. Any art uncollected at the completion of a course will be discarded unless special arrangements are made with OXp.

When using all materials and equipment provided by OXp students are required to observe and follow the instructions available relating to cleaning, handling and storing.

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, a class may be cancelled unexpectantly. Students are advised to check their telephone messages before coming to class. Any cancelled class by OXp will be rescheduled. Students unable to attend a class should advise OXp by phone or text.

Work Health and Safety Policy

OXp is committed to the active promotion of Work Health and Safety for all tutors and students.

Tutors and Students are responsible for their own health, safety and welfare. Students are asked to be mindful of other students regarding their health and safety within the studio environment.

Students should report unsafe conditions, faulty equipment and accidents to the tutor immediately.

Students should abide by safe practices and comply with health and safety regulations. Including government recommendations in relation to COVID.


OXp accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to any personal items or workshop materials belonging to students.

Student Work

OXp accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to student work left on site. Students are encouraged to take their work home when finished unless required for the next class.


All prices on this site are in Australian dollars and are subject to change. Prices include GST (if any) unless otherwise marked. An invoice/receipt will be issued on successful enrollment or purchase if required.

Privacy Policy

When you send us an email, register your contact details or enroll in a class, your contact details will be recorded. OXp will from time-to-time send mail and emails to students and past students for the purpose of marketing. Should you not wish to receive mailings from OXp, please notify us that you wish to unsubscribe and you will be removed from our mailing list or text STOP to OXp after receiving a marketing text. OXp will not disclose your contact details to any third parties for marketing or other purposes not related to our facility.

Shop Returns or Refunds

Please see our shop returns or refunds policy at https://outbackxp.com.au/refund_returns/