Story Time Backgammon


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Set a course for adventure with Story Time Backgammon, the only game in the world that teaches childeren as young as three to play backgammon!

Story Time Backgammon is a unique board game that uses sillly stories, colourful illustrations, specialised game pieces, abd a custom board to teach young children one of the world’s oldest, most beloved strategy games.

Best of all, parents and kids can learn together – no backgammon experience required! Story Time Backgammon’s captivating storybook and intuitive mini-games make the rules of backgammon fun to learn and easy to remember

Includes 80 Page Storybook with 9 fully illustrated chapters.


○ Rolling the dice

○ Navigating the board

○ Bumping to the bar

○ Getting off the bar

○ Covering

○ Rolling two dice

○ Rolling doubles

○ Bearing Off

● 5 main characters:

○ Peglegra The Bold

○ Wind The Spirit Dragon

○ Chompus The Great

○ Wave The Spirit Turtle

○ The All-Powerful Wixi

● 2 Custom Dice Cups

● 2 Sets of Dice

● 1 Bonus Special Set of Dice

● 30 Customer Checkers

● 2-in-1 Massive Double Sided Backgammon Board

● 15 Viking Ship Cutouts

● 15 Pirate Ship Cuouts