Hailstorm ASMR Fidget


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We have been working on the Hailstorm Fidget for some time now.  Modelled off our Pinart tool, this is NEXT LEVEL!   you can toss it over and over in the hand, ‘feather’ fingers underneath, shake, tip & even spin.  The sound is sooo satisfying and the 37 moving pins gently ‘tickle’ the fingers & hand.  These are hand crafted, with each pin being individually mounted in the overall casing.  Small enough for the pocket, its packed with stimming JOY.  Not silent so not great for meetings and the classroom but not so loud that its super annoying either. I would describe it as a soft tinkle, kind of like hail on metal, thus its name.  

“This is so relaxing to fidget with, gives such a unique sensory feedback, great weight, lots of versatility in ways to engage with it. Love the tinkling sound too. All around very calming and looks stunning too. Leeroy Oct 2023”

“I love this fidget, it’s super satisfying to run over your hand and makes a tinkling sounds that would be too loud for a classroom, but it’s good if there’s ambient noise. I haven’t been able to put this down, the only struggle was prying it out of the packaging! Daisy October 2023”

“So beautiful. I can see me playing with this for hours. Melissa Nov 2023”

“Love it, when l finally sit down & stop fidgeting around it doesn’t leave my hand,l find it very calming & relaxing its got a smooth texture,not to heavy not to light, not good to use in quiet areas.Rolling it along your palm feels good or just rubbing your thumb over the coils it comes well packed in a tin box,when lm not using it my friend holds on to it.