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BrainBox World History

BrainBox is a fun memory and observation card game which tests your eye for detail. What can you remember in just 10 seconds? In this history edition of the game, discover the events and people who shaped our world.

BrainBox World History contains 55 games cards representing a different event or person from our collective history. You’ll discover everything from; early civilisations to the American and French revolutions, the space race and much more besides. Each card features hand drawn illustrations which explain the; when, where and why of world events.

The game helps children to expand their history knowledge and most importantly to better understand the world around them while also developing the cognitive skills of observation and memory recall, foundations of life-long learning.

  • Discover our history from early civilisations right up to the modern day
  • 440 individual questions ensure you’ll enjoy the game time and time again
  • One or more players will enjoy a game in around 10 minutes with rapid turn based gameplay
  • Fun & educational for kids, developing the skills needed for life-long learning
  • Game contains: 55x game cards, 1x rules card, 1x 8-sided die, 1x ten second timer