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The Traffic Blocks’n’Crayons kit contains super fun eco-crayons that are made from natural beeswax with all non-toxic ingredients (contains no paraffin wax or cheap fillers). They are 100% eco-friendly and absolutely safe for kids.

There are 12 colours in 3 different construction block shapes of crayons, plus 2 traffic-themed colouring sheets in each gift box. Kids can combine the crayons like puzzles and construction blocks to add even more fun to colouring time!

  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe crayons – 100% certified beeswax content
  • 12 bright colours and 3 block shapes helps younger kids improve cognitive skills and shape matching
  • A great gift for kids who love both drawing and construction activities.

The perfect way to play to improve multi-tasking, imagination and creativity:

  • Colouring fun
  • Play as puzzle
  • Building blocks

Ages: 3+