Outback Exploratorium

We acknowledge Australia’s First Nation people as the traditional custodians and first scientists, makers and innovators of this land and their continuing connection to country. 

Privacy Policy

The Outback Exploratorium is committed to ensuring the privacy of its customers’, supporters’, and employees’ private information. This includes full names, e-mails, addresses, phone numbers, and other sensitive identifying information.

The Outback Exploratorium (OXp) do not and will not sell or disclose your private information for profit; however, we reserve the right to use photographs of all events, workshops, and programs for promotional content on official OXp social media pages and website.

OXp collects personal information for the purpose of communication, and to enable our organisation to provide you with certain services and products specific to you. Personal information that may be collected include full names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, date of birth, and/or bank/credit card details. We may also collect information from you to update your existing information.

Data Collection

OXp collects personal information from you in various ways. These can include online interaction (social media, website, SMS, e-mail, phone calls, etc.); through a purchase from our retail store, purchase of tickets, partaking of events/workshops/programs, and/or donations.

Our organisation will always ask for your consent before using your private information and/or photographs which we acquire through forms prior to the event.

Data Usage

Personal information provided by you allows effective and efficient communication between you and OXp, it also enables us to provide you with receipts/tax invoices and updates on our organisation. If you choose to opt out of providing sensitive information, we may not be able to provide you with or perform certain services such as processing payments and requests, participation in events/workshops/programs, and track your history of engagement with OXp.

OXp will always offer you with the option to stop receiving communication from our organisation. Should you choose this option, OXp will ensure that your details are excluded from future marketing/promotional, and informational content.

Data Security

OXp will, at all times, take reasonable precautions to protect our customers’, supporters’, and employees’ sensitive information, and maintain confidentiality of all information that we hold. We will endeavour to prevent any misuse, interference, loss, modification, and unauthorised modification and/or disclosure. Access to sensitive information will be restricted to authorised personnel.