Trivets are functional kitchen and dining room items often placed between a hot pot and kitchen countertops or between a serving dish/pot and table tops so as to prevent the surfaces of these tables or counter tops from getting damaged by heat. It is for this function and others that this Wood Round Trivet Medium has been made.

The Wood Round Trivet Medium is a highly functional as well as aesthetically decorative trivet that is primarily meant to ensure that the surface of your customers’ kitchen counter tops and expensive dining table surfaces are prevented from getting damaged by the heat emanating from hot pots or serving dish. It is made of the reputable paulownia wood which is hewed in a perfectly round shape that measures 30 centimetres across in length and breadth while standing at a height of 8 centimetres on four firm gripping stands. The 8 centimetres height allows sufficient air to pass between the trivet and the table or flat surface on which it is placed. There are 16 in every carton you order.

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Timber Round Trivet – Large


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