When you love the natural presence of plants and yet are unable to actually ted to them -you could get the coolest of alternatives from Lavida-here is one that has been created from plastic-wide palm leaves fanning out to give a lovely lush tropical appearance -add them to backdrops in your décor , or place it in corners to make them feel more alive and interesting.

Adding plants in backdrops-or in spaces that need a touch of interests and liveliness just got a lot easier with the several options on offer from Lavida. Made from the delightful mix of plastic and foam it comes sitting inside this little plastic made planter that maybe be placed in larger containers to give the palm a more natural kind of setting. Use this to form a backdrop to a tropical feel décor-simply open out the branch es and let the wide leaves spread out catching the light and lending that emerald green look to your spaces. all you need to do is to give it a wipe of damp cloth and its shiny leaves will regale you with almost real appearance. The height of the plant too adds to its beauty-at 130 cm, its leaves span out wide and there are several branches with numerous leaves which gives it a lovely rich and dense appearance. The fronds have been crated in such a way that they cover a large space with their utterly lush presence.

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Plant Fan Palm – Large


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