For ages have philodendrons been one of the key elements in interior and exterior decorations. This houseplant features slender stems with leaves shaped like a heart and a beautifully pointed point. The metaphorical sense implications of the heart-shape suggest a centre of emotion. This distinct feature makes the plant appear loving.
For enthusiasts of heart-shaped leaf philodendron, and does not want to deal with the real-life plant because it posits hazardous consequences when eaten by pets that chew. This product provides a safe alternative. Philodendron Plant stands proud and doesn’t curl on the floor. It is suitable to fill up empty corners in one’s home. This product has multiple environmental uses. To brighten up one’s home, churches, offices or malls, or generating a reinvigorated aura. Plastics are versatile, they incite innovations. Plastics can make one’s home energy-efficient. This durable and long-lasting design adds a natural touch to one’s interior. Philodendron Plant is affixed in an adorning metal container.

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Philodendron Plant


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