Make a splash of vivid colour refreshing your summer look home , taking it to quite another level of beauty, here is a sift stem foliar that comes with the promise of making even your real flower arrangement look even more real and natural made from high quality plastic, they are a perfect replication of what you would find in nature. Go on and breathe life into your interiors with this most natural look floral inclusion.
The stem is soft and pliable, thus helping it bend and droop just as you would want it to. Especially useful when it comes to tall vases and more flourishing floral arrangements, this drop shaped floral stem has a vivid look because of its colour and its small sized leaves and flowers adds to its rather rich and beautiful impact. The stem has a thick and dense presence that will work like a filler in larger floral arrangement, whenever you need to change the look of such floral arrangements, such stem add that much needed change, add large blooms, real or faux and see how stunning the effect would be. A simple wash and it will be as sap fresh as ever in a jiffy! The pink coloured hanging heather is undeniably a great means to get your home more summer ready and fresh looking than ever before.

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Hanging Heather Pink


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