When creating your unique floral display, it’s critically important to add to them the right amounts of green-after all colour gets its vibrance only when the setting of green leaves gives them that fresh sort of backdrop. Make this possible with the help of this stick of stag horn pal leaves that will help enhance the gorgeousness of your floral decorations and lend it that summery freshness.
A stem of resplendent green elkhorn green sis all it will take to take an ordinary floral decoration to quite another level of beauty. Made from high quality plastic, the stem is flexible and bendable the leaves wired in a manner that they will blend and open out gracefully, just the way you would want them to align with the rets if the flowers and their shape. The stem is all of 80 cm in length and will be the pride of your tall vase in the room corner where you could create a stunning decor highlight with tall stemmed blooms. The width of the elkhorn leaves are about 18 cm in all. They will be easy to care for with a simple wipe of damp cloth giving back to them the dewy freshness that makes them look their resplendent best. The size too makes it a great choice in case corners and backdrops need a bit of green foliar presence. Made from high quality plastic, replicating colour and form with much perfection, this is a great choice for all who like their interiors to dabble in natural beauty, yet without the fuss of wilting and watering.

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Hanging Elkhorn


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