The thick deep green stems are topped by deep green velvety leaves that are rounded and wide in their shape. The stalks are clear till the top and several of them rise up in a beautiful aligned formation. You almost imagine seeing it topped by the flower that is perhaps the reason why this tropical beauty is famed. The bird of paradise plant has been recreated with such perfection here – that you might begin waiting for the first flower to bloom!
It would be hard to believe the artificial tag this plant has. Made purely of plastic, its rubbery thick leaves, dense coloured stems that rise and are topped by such foliage and the manner in which, it has been placed inside the little bucket like tub makes it truly a classic. Considering its height at 120 cm, it could be used as the backdrop for larger arrangement that could be done with some more varied foliage, perhaps some ferns and foliar from the same family – or perhaps simply by adding short stemmed blooming plants, one could place florals and create a stunning combined display. Used in the backdrop of chairs and couches, it would add that touch of natural colour to your interiors without the trouble of having to care for a live plant. The plant despite its height remains well balanced and its stems would be pliable enough to be bent if needed. Superior quality plastic has been used that is easy to wipe clean for afresh new look even after much usage.

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Bird Of Paradise – Large


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