Place it in any art of your home that needs that little basket that helps keep things that usually litter your surrounding in a neat kind of way. Place this in the children’s room, the kitchen or the back of the car – it has the ability to hold in its 24 cm tall and 28 cm wide body, all of those things that would otherwise create a clutter. Made from sturdy woven straw – it’s a lightweight basket with a delightful touch of pink colour.

The soft pink colour is at the base while the rounded base gives way to the slightly narrower top, it retains its lovely soft beige colour, the pliable weave and the beaded handles on its helps make it a rather useful addition of keeping your things sorted and well within reach. The delightful mix of tradition and chicness in a modern kind of way will ensure that you keep things sorted and also help add that touch of organic freshness that comes from the addition of thigs made from natural materials. The basket bag is lightweight and sturdy. Its woven texture smooth and delightfully finished to retain its fine look despite rough usage. The white coloured body adds to the textured appeal of its body. Attractive in a country chic kind of way it’s bound to add a lovely spot of interest to your spaces as well as help keep clutter under control. The beaded handle adds to the dual toned beauty of its look

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Belly Basket – Pink Beads


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