Turn Early Math into a Fun Game! My First Math Dice is the perfect game to build pre-kindergarten math confidence. Children will be delighted when they roll the big chunky dice and rewarded as they collect the colorful Counter Chips onto their towers. Along the way, they will be introduced to important early math concepts like recognition of numerals, more than/less than, and basic addition. With 3 different games included, My First Math Dice is ideal for endless hours of home learning! Ages 3+ One game, 3 ways to play! 1. Number Match: Counting and identifying groups 2. More Than, Less Than: Number values and relationships 3. Add ‘em Up: Simple addition Teaches:  Recognition of numerals 0-5  More than/less than  Addition to 10  One to one correspondence (object corresponds with number)  Subitization (identifying quantity of objects without counting)  Cardinality (last number in a set = total number)  Concentration, focus, patience  Love of math

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My First Math Dice


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