Jasmine Teapot


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These crystalline teapots are the ideal buy to brighten up your day, while enjoying a large cup of your favourite brew. 

The Jasmine teapot features a sleek low-rise design, finished with a copper/brass handle.

Just like the Ocean Jasper Crystal draws its soothing powers from the element of water, this glaze resembles the rhythmic cadence of the sea and takes you to a place of peace and letting go.

You will receive a crystalline teapot like those pictured but no two are the same, with variations in size, colour and markings – but that’s what makes them unique! 

All Pottery For The Planet teapots are made of ceramic and must be handled with care. We high-fire all of our pieces for added durability, however ceramic will crack if knocked or dropped.

Specifications are approximate. Although we do our best to keep things uniform, being handmade there are slight variations in size, weight, shape, texture, pattern and volume.

Teapot: height 12cm, volume 250ml, weight 500g 

NOTE – specifications are approximate. Height includes the lid.