Double Walled Glass Infuser


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The stylish and effortless way to brew and rebrew our loose-leaf teas, at home or on the go.

Perfect for tea lovers on the go and at work; enjoy the convenience of preparing your tea fresh to have either hot or cold.

This portable double walled glass tea infuser is topped with an environmentally conscious bamboo lid.

Roogenic accessories are luxurious, convenient and designed especially for the unique brewing properties of Roogenic teas.

NOTE: Please do not use any additional metal object (except for the tea basket) inside the Double Walled Infuser as it may cause the glass to shatter (this includes a metal spoon to stir).

Scoop one teaspoon of Roogenic tea into the stainless-steel infuser and simply add boiling water. The infuser will do the rest.

Most Roogenic teas can be rebrewed up to 3 times so make sure to reuse the leaves