Amanda Fernie Ceramics

I’m Amanda from Amanda Fernie Ceramics and I create functional and decorative kiln-fired ceramics from my outback pottery studio right here in the in Central Highlands. What started in 2013 as a weekly evening wheel class to practice mindfulness soon turned into an all-absorbing passion with the purchase of my potters wheel and the setup of a home studio shortly thereafter.

I have recently been making hand-built plates embossed with foliage and flowers from my garden, local growers and florists, wheel thrown vases, bowls and mugs.

I mindfully handcraft every single piece from start to finish with the hope they are long lasting and cherished. Discover a selection of my wheel thrown and hand-built pottery at the Outback Exploratorium and at my Facebook (Amanda Fernie Ceramics) and Instagram (@AmandaFernieCeramics) pages.

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